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Ashly and Mark Engagement shoot: Princeton University

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I shot Ashly and Mark’s engagement party pictures a few months ago. I’ve known Ashly since college so I was very happy when she chose me to capture this special moment of her life.

For her portrait session, they chose the Princeton University campus as the backdrop. If you’re in New Jersey and have never been to Princeton University, I would highly recommend it. It has a wonderful collection of beautiful architecture comprising of arches and hallways everywhere.

Ashly1 Ashly2 Ashly3 Ashly4 Ashly5 Ashly6 Ashly7 Ashly8 Ashly9

Shrey and Sahil: New Brunswick Engagement Photography

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Shrey_Sahil12 Shrey_Sahil11Shrey_Sahil2 
Shrey_Sahil1Shrey_Sahil10 Shrey_Sahil9 Shrey_Sahil6 Shrey_Sahil5 Shrey_Sahil4 Shrey_Sahil3


Mayank and Nicki- Philadelphia Engagement Photography

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