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Colton Urbano Ponton- Bridgewater NJ New Born Photography

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Last week I had mentioned how excited I was to share Stephanie’s Maternity Pics. Well, this week I’m even more thrilled to introduce Colton Urbano Ponton! He was just 6 days old at the time of this shoot.

I’ve done new born shoots before but this is the first time it was a baby boy. Colton took a little time to get comfortable with the camera and go to sleep- just like most new borns but once he went to sleep, he was posing like a Gerber baby! I couldn’t be happier with the way the pictures turned out.

Congratulations to the parents and their families!


Mistry Family Portrait Photography: New Jersey -Watchung

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After a gap of a year, the Mistry family is back! Both Ayden and Jason have grown so much in the mean time.

Sorry I’ve been MIA in the past few weeks. But watch this space! I have lot of new posts coming in the next few weeks.


The Willman Sisters: Kids Photography- Duke Farms NJ

Kenley Bakken: NJ-PA New Born Baby Photographer

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Just a month after the pregnancy shoot, its my pleasure to do a new born shoot for Michelle. Join me in welcoming Kenley Bakken to the world!

This is certainly not the first new born shoot I’ve done but its definitely been a while since my last one so I was looking forward to it.

What do you think?



Kids Photoshoot – AnnMarie and David: NJ Kids and family photographer

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AnnMarie and David’s kids are some of the cutest kids I’ve seen. Taking their pictures was a joy! The Deep Cut Gardens in Holmdel provided a beautiful floral backdrop.

So which one is your favorite? Leave some comments below!

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