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The Not-so-Sunny side of So-Cal – San Diego, Sequoia and more!

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Past month, our lives took us back to NJ. It was with mixed feelings that we left San Diego. On one hand, it is great opportunity for me at work and we’ll be close to friends and family but on the other hand we’ll miss the sunshine, the beaches, the sunsets and beautiful landscape of California.

Below are some of my most precious memories from California

Above is one my favorite spots in San Diego – Secret caves in La Jolla. It took numerous tries, perfect timing and bit of luck to get to this place with my SLR.


SoCal43 SoCal42 SoCal39

Sunset Cliffs Park is aptly named!

SoCal37 SoCal 38
SoCal36 SoCal35

Below is picture of a sculpture in Anza Borrego – The Dragon


SoCal5 SoCal26 SoCal16 SoCal17 SoCal18 SoCal19 SoCal15

Scripps Pier is probably one of the most photographed places in San Diego and once you witness a sunset like this, you know why.

SoCal1 Cali1 SoCal6 SoCal8 SoCal9

Sunny California: Landscape and Seascape Photography

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Since moving to moving to California, I’ve been experimenting with Landscape photography. The west coast is just so scenic that you want cant help but pick up your camera and try to capture it. The downside is that I’m spending too much money on Landscape photography gear!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a lot of pictures from the adventures so far. Starting with the ones below.

Scenic Route 1


The Malibu Temple is a must visit if you’re in the area

SoCal30 SoCal29

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National ParkSoCal23 SoCal22Bixby Bridge
SoCal11 SoCal12Anza Borrego Valley

I cheated a little bit here. These two are from Grand Canyon in Arizona/NevadaSoCal21


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