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Tribute in Light: 9/11 Memorial from ‘Empty Sky’

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I had shot Tribute in Light from the Brooklyn side last year. Last year being the 10th year anniversary of 9/11, it was supposed to be the last year of the tribute. This year however, they brought it back just for one night. And I was there to shoot it again Рwith a new camera!

This time around, I went to the Liberty State Park in NJ where they have the ‘Empty Sky’ memorial. Its two long parallel walls which point to the location where the twin towers once stood. The walls have the names of all the people who died on that day. Its a great way to give a tribute and remember the day.

The cherry on the top is that they have a couple of actual beams from the actual towers (Above)

Below is a 3 picture panaroma of the NYC skyline. I tried to include the statue of liberty in it.

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