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Diti and Arpit: Engagement Photography in Longwood Gardens

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It’s finally happened! I’ve known Diti and Arpit for the past 6 years and they are some of my best friends here in the states. I’ve watched their friendship grow over the years. They are made for each other and I couldnt be happier that they are now engaged!

For the photoshoot, we wanted to get a backdrop of where their relationship flourished so we started at the Rutgers campus and moved on to Longwood Gardens in PA.

They are set be married in India in January. Please join me in wishing this wonderful couple happy life together.

Also included in these series are some my first successful attempts at the Brenizer’s method (Bokeh Panaroma). Can you spot which ones?


Maldives: A Honeymoon in Heaven – Along with Mrs. Photographer =)

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As you might have noticed. I’ve been MIA from the blog for over a month. The reason is that I’ve been busy getting married and enjoying my honeymoon =) I normally dont usually post personal pictures here or on my Flickr but I think this event calls for an exception because it will likely change my future and maybe even my photography.

So after a fun filled, but tiring 4 day long Indian wedding, we wanted to go to a relaxing place. After much research, we decided to go to the Coco Palm resort in Maldives and boy did we make the right choice. I had heard that Maldives is popularly known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ but honestly I hadnt expected anything like this. Never have I ever seen a place so clean, water so clear and calm, so many stars in the sky, nature at its finest. If I had one word to describe the place, it would be “Spectacular”.

Starting from the flight itself, we had saw a gorgeous rainbow and dolphins swimming in the ocean.

We had decided to stay in a over water villa. There are only a few places in the world that have these. Ours had an infinity pool overlooking the Indian ocean with thousands of fish and coral reefs underneath. The icing on the cake was that the villa had an outdoor bed and an outdoor shower!



Of course it being me, I forgot one of the most important things on the trip – A Tripod. So I spent half the time looking for a place to put the camera and the other half trying to get a decent composition. To make matters worse, the batteries in my remote went dead so focus became even more difficult while shooting wide apertures.
Because resorts are on a secluded island, they usually have programs like music, handicrafts and movies to keep the guests entertained – Not that they need it!
Did I mention how clear the water was?? I probably did but here are some pictures to prove it!
Our villa wasnt directly facing the sunset but we got a beautiful view by the stairs leading to the ocean. The picture below is exposure blended (Not HDR).
Coco Palm was nice enough to upgrade us to a honeymoon package even though we didnt mention it at the time of booking. Along with the package came a 5 course candle light dinner. Once again, I was missing my tripod so to compensate I had to crank up the ISO to 12,000! Nope, there is no way I’m using a flash at a candle light dinner! Fortunately, I had a 5D Mark II so the pictures below and some above are still usable.
Below is a close up of Mrs. Photographer and the first official picture of me taken by her. I guess she doesnt need much training to be a real ‘Mrs. Photographer’!

The Maldives is just a series of little island on the world map: around 1,200 islands, about 90 of which are occupied by resorts. The country’s main occupation is tourism. Maldives ranks among the greenest countries in the world and justifiably so because no other country faces a threat of extinction like Maldives. The highest point of land in the entire country is just over two metres! Every inch of rise in ocean water level brings the country closer to extinction. Being there, I learned the importance of saving the environment even more.

Ultimately, I’d strongly urge everyone to visit Maldives at least once in their lifetime. Its truly ‘Heaven on Earth’

Charmi & Shiven – After Wedding Shoot – NJ Couple’s Photography

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Charmi and I go back a long way. We went to college together at Rutgers and have participated in a couple of events in college. We’ve tried to do a portrait shoot for a long time when we were in college but just couldn’t schedule it and we lost touch after graduation. In the mean time, she met an amazing guy in India – Shiven and fell in love with him. They got married a few months ago in India.

Charmi contacted me for an ‘After the wedding’ shoot which Shiven was giving her as a birthday gift. Below are the pictures from it! I dont think I’ve ever had so many B&W pictures in one shoot but for some reason, I kinda prefer them without color this time. What do you guys think?

Ambar & Dharti | Engagement Photography | Roosevelt Park, NJ

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Rarely do I get a chance to upload the pictures just two days after someone gets engaged but I finally have an opportunity!

Ambar and Dharti just got engaged on Nov 19th and had asked me if I could take pictures of the engagement party. Unfortunately, I already had a wedding to attend that weekend so I could not make it. However, what we did end up doing was taking some pre-engagement pictures that they wanted to use for the save the dates.

Ambar and Dharti are made for each other! Not only do both of them look stunning, but also their names complement each other. Ambar means ‘sky’ in Hindi and Dharti means ‘Earth’. How cool is that?!!

Check out the pics and let me know how you like them!

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