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Somil weds Ripal: NJ/PA Wedding Photography

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This has been a long time coming. After over a year since their engagement shoot, I have the opportunity to post Somil and Ripal’s wedding pictures. Set at the Merion in Cinnaminson NJ, this was a two day long collection of festival – Just like most Indian weddings. Lots of colors, lots of guests and lots of fun!

I apologize for the large number of pictures on this. Trust me, I tried to narrow it down as much as I could!

Pre-Wedding included Santek – Getting blessings from ancestors, Haldi – beautification and cleansing of the bride and the groom and garba – a traditional western Indian dance


I love to watch the first time the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day…

With Indian weddings, the party begins even before the wedding starts! The groom comes to the venue with his family and friends dancing on the street.


The Colors Of Summer! – Nature Photography

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And just like that, Labor day is over. Summer has ended and like all good things in life, it feels too short.

Like most people, summer is my favorite season in America. After months of gloomy winter, summer brings a breath of fresh air. Its also the peak time for my photography! Be it portraits/fashion or just personal stuff like what you see below. If fashion/portraits are my business, nature/abstract are purely experimental for myself. Its what I do to entertain and de-stress myself.

Every summer, I try to take some pictures of flowers in hopes of perfecting macro photography but somehow, I’m still not there yet. Below are a few from this year.

Please note that most of the pictures below are available for licensing and prints. Please contact me for rates.

My cousin has some peacock feathers at her place. She wanted some pictures of it to frame in her house. Of course I went crazy and took like 30 pictures lol. Few things in life are as colorful as a peacock feather. Its nature’s artistry at its finest



One evening, I was doing my usual browsing of facebook when I came across Amy Krause’s pictures from a sunflower farm. Now, I’ve been looking for flower fields in general in NJ but I’ve had little luck with it. Amy was kind enough to tell me the location of the farms so I decided to go check them out the following weekend! (Its brodhecker farms, in case you were wondering)

I contacted a friend of mine, Maria to see if she would like to accompany me. She did. So we met up at a place and set off on the hunt for the flowers. It was a LONG two hour drive and to our disappointment, when we actually got there, it was cloudy and gloomy. But the field was absolutely gorgeous!

Here is Maria, hard at work!

And here is her looking beautiful

I think it was around this picture that I got stung by a bee. I think it was totally worth it for the pics!

Soon after we got there, it started raining but no rain was gonna stop our photography session! We didnt drive 2 hours only to turn and go back so we continued with an umbrella! You can see rain drops in the picture below.

Below is me testing a $15 ebay video LED light I just purchased. I might do a review on it in the upcoming months.

Yoniqua: Red Bank, NJ Fashion and Portrait Photography

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Not too many people know what they want in life but at just 19 years old, Yoniqua knows exactly what she wants in life: to be a model. Her mother had come across my website and contacted me about building Nika’s portfolio. Because she wanted both some portrait shots as well as some bikini shots, we decided to do the shoot at Red Bank, NJ since they have a nice downtown area and some docks.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with numerous aspiring models and Yoniqua is among the most talented of them. She did her home work and knew how to pose and give different expressions. This made my job easier.

I wish Nika good luck with her modeling career. She has the looks, the height and the talent to make it big. Anyone looking for a model should definitely hire her.

Jen & Bill: Engagement shoot, Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ

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Jen And Bill met at a dance marathon at Rutgers University. Bill was completely won over by Jen’s gorgeous looks and charm. He was good at multitasking. During the course of the event, he not only spent countless hours organizing the Dance Marathon but was also able to win Jen’s heart at the same time!

Because of their Rutgers connection, Jen & Bill wanted their engagement pictures on and around the Rutgers campus. They however, left the precise locations entirely up to me. Being a Rutgers Alum myself and having done numerous photo shoots at Rutgers, I am familiar with all the good locations on campus.

Jen & Bill got engaged in December and are getting married later this year. I wish them a happy and fun filled life ahead. Please let me know what think of the pictures by leaving a comment below. If you like the pictures, please hit the Facebook “Like” button….


We started off at the Rutgers Gardens and decided to make our way to the college ave campus.


I think they look so cute in these pictures below!


At the “Passion Puddle” on Cook/Douglas campus




At one point, I thought it would be a great idea to shoot in a lecture hall and bring back some memories so we went to the newly renovated Scott Hall.

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