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My First Blog: Poitrix

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Welcome to my first blog. I’ve been trying to make a blog for some time now and I’m glad to have finally completed it!

As you might notice, I do everything from Landscapes to Weddings to Fashion. I am always up for some new kind of photography, always experimenting. I try to diversify myself as a photographer so when my brother in law asked me to take pictures for his new business that he has started in India – Poitrix, I was more than happy to click them. PoiTrix is a group of rare talented poi and staff spinners specializing in glow and fire dances. For bookings and more information,

I had done a shoot for him a couple of years ago but that was without much equipment (not even a tripod!) but this time I had the proper equipment (and a couple of years of experience).

Since the shoot, many people have asked me how I’ve managed to have motion in the fire while keeping the subject sharp, without movement. Obviously this is a long exposure (~2sec) but if you do long exposure, you will get a lot of movement in the person as well. Adding just a flash doesnt really solve the problem either. What you need is a TTL compatible system and the flash set to slow syncro and rear curtain sync. Once you have that, you just have to judge how long each Poi movement will be.

Below are some of the pictures that  I liked. Please leave some comments on the post or the blog itself.





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