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Colton Urbano Ponton- Bridgewater NJ New Born Photography

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Last week I had mentioned how excited I was to share Stephanie’s Maternity Pics. Well, this week I’m even more thrilled to introduce Colton Urbano Ponton! He was just 6 days old at the time of this shoot.

I’ve done new born shoots before but this is the first time it was a baby boy. Colton took a little time to get comfortable with the camera and go to sleep- just like most new borns but once he went to sleep, he was posing like a Gerber baby! I couldn’t be happier with the way the pictures turned out.

Congratulations to the parents and their families!

Stephanie and Eric Ponton: NJ Maternity Shoot

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I am so excited to finally share these pictures with you. Stephanie is a really good friend of mine so when she was expecting and asked me if I could take her pregnancy pictures, I was thrilled!

Pregnancy is exciting time for a couple. You are never going to get same kind of giddiness and excitement as the thought of your first baby. I’ve been asked what is the best time to get the pregnancy shoot. I personally think the best time for a pregnancy shoot is about 3-4 weeks before your due date. This way, you get a nice belly shots and you get time to pick and share the pictures before you begin sharing the new born pictures.

This little guy (Avery) is just SO adorable!


The baby will be a big Raven’s fan when he grows up- Just like Daddy!


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